I took a quick trip up to Scenic this Wednesday to get some measurements and because I figure this might be the last time my trusty Honda Civic is going to be able to negotiate the FS road up past the gate . . . snows forecast for Wednesday night. Earlier in the week we had found that someone was building campfires up there so I figured I’d also get some shots of that and then spend some time soaking in the tub.

It wasn’t raining too hard . . . a steady drizzle, but I had my rainsuit on and was staying dry. Had the place all to myself. When the pool came into sight you could see the raindrops doing their thing on the surface. From a distance above, the pool looked fine . . . some twigs and cedar leaves. About halfway down I thought to myself ‘the spring is running awfully strong . . . so strong that the collector wasn’t catching it all and instead the water was running downhill and straight at the pool. Torrents eroding the uphill side and around. I took a closer look at a pile to wood covering the collector pipe that was way out of place.

These boards normally protect the piping but now they are covering vandalism . . . all the hot water is running freely down the slope above the pool Posted by Hello

An accident? Possible. But it sure looked like someone had gone out of their way to divert the hotter spring water from the pool by separating the piping above.

I reconnected everything and protected the joint but the big surprise was coming up . . . as soon as I undressed and stepped into the pool . . . barely body temperature with an cold layer of water on the bottom. That was the effect of a day or two without the hotter spring putting it’s water into the pool. Number two spring just could keep up and the rainwater overwhelmed it.

The pool was filthy, as well and I set to work doing a good scrubbing while emptying half the water to allow the hotter spring to bring it up to temperature with fresh water. Eventually it became nice and toasty and I had a good soak. Finished, I set the siphons to empty the pool completely and get a fresh, clean load going. Time to take some pictures of the campfires these jerks have been building up here Posted by Hello

Scenic Hot Springs is a fire-restricted area for many reasons but I never thought about the possibility of actually burning down the decking and pool, itself. There is a sign posted to that effect . . .

It is impossible to miss this sign . . . so why do they continue to build fires? Posted by Hello

Fires like this one . . . one of many small fires built on the pool decking recently Posted by Hello

. . . or a bigger fire with our timber. Imagine if this pile of wood happened to go up in flames. Posted by Hello

This charred piece of wood was tossed up the slope toward the source of the springs. It is a structural support ripped out of part of the decking . . . Posted by Hello

Can you see where they ripped out supports for firewood? That section of decking is on it’s way down the mountainside now Posted by Hello

 Posted by Hello