Due to the rising freezing levels over the past few days there has been increasing snowmelt above the sources to Scenic Hot Springs.  As a result, the Lobster feed sources (normally 105-115F) have gone cold (30-40F) earlier than normal in the yearly winter-spring cycle.  The freezing levels are expected to remain high over the next few days (6,000 feet to 4,000 feet) that melting snow will continue to depress springs temperatures.
The other hot spring feed (Bear Den), is much more protected from mixing with ground-waters and thus less affected.  The Bear Den sources are still running at 100F average.  However, this is not enough to maintain a really comfortable soak in the other pool.
Additionally, the snowpack on the trail up is also melting fast, resulting in running water on the trail.
Typically, this annual melt happens much later in the year.  Freezing levels are predicted to come down later in the week . . . which will probably result in the spring temperatures recovering.