We love to receive trip reports from our visitors . . . and we especially love to receive positive reports like Jeff’s:

Thanks for giving Kevin and I permission to go! It was a great experience. I had not expected the hike to be as challenging as it was, even though I was prepared to face snow and stay warm, I still was not prepared mentally for it. Once we started walking to the gate we realized we were in for a challenge but didn’t give up, and totally glad I didn’t because it was the best experience getting up to the top and sliding into those hot waters. Luckily there was a trail in the snow or we would’ve had a lot more difficulty finding the place and hiking up to it. Now I knew I was in for a workout, but this wasn’t a workout, it seemed like an endurance test from God! haha But again, very rewarding. While we were there, we ran into Julliane and her boyfriend and they were very nice, and we just relaxed and talked about life and the hard hike up. We stayed until about 4:15 and decided to leave before it got dark, leaving the other two to enjoy the springs and wished them luck on the journey back. As we did we passed two people that were just getting there. And the guy said he had been coming there for years and said he didn’t need permission to be there. Anyways, the hike down was nice seeing as it was down hill, by the time we got back to my car it was completely dark. You were not kidding about how dark it gets in the mountains! Luckily i had a very good flashlight to help guide us on the last bend. It took us a lot longer to hike and enjoy ourselves than what we thought, so I advise other people like myself to add a few more hours than what they planned for. 

The pools were very warm, and Lobster Pot of course the hottest, Bear Den was pretty dirty though, might’ve just been us moving and kicking around the crud on the bottom up. Lobster was a lot cleaner though. There was some trash but Kevin and I picked it up and threw it in our trash bag we brought. 

All in all it was a great experience, and Kevin and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Cell reception was somehow great, I had full bars and 3g! Very impressed with that. My friends were very jealous when i uploaded pictures onto facebook to show them what they were missing! Can’t wait to do this again sometime!

Thank you Jeff for the great trip report.   I look forward to whatever photographs you are willing to share.

As to the two people who Jeff encountered heading on up . . . there are exactly three people (beyond the Forest Service, BPA and the sheriff’s department on official business) who have unrestricted access to Scenic Hot Springs, and those two are not on that short list.  Regardless of how long they claim to have been going up, they are still trespassing and will eventually be dealt with.  See someone heading up late in the afternoon that you think shouldn’t be heading up there?  Describe them as best you can but never, ever put yourself in jeopardy when meeting unexpected trespassers on the property.