I just got off the phone with a friend in Skykomish, Wa (12 west of Scenic HS) and he tells me the settled snow base across the valley and at the same elevation as Scenic is 120″ . . . 10ft. Scenic is on the colder, north facing slope, typically getting more snow.

The snow berms along Highway 2 are over 6ft high on average. Roofs have collapsed in Skykomish and a report of trees down across power lines.

Stevens Pass was closed earlier today because of avalanches and the risk remains high. Much of the 2 mi route up to the hot springs traverses cleared slopes with greater than 40deg slopes, the trigger point for avalanche worries. Added the seesaw wamring and cooling temperatures and we have all the ingredients for dangerous conditions in the Stevens Pass area and to a lesser-extent on the slopes approaching the hot springs.

Until these conditions improve, please stay away from the springs. The risk is not worth it.