Tuesday was a gloriously clear day and I took the opportunity to get some measurements done. And then I went up to check out the upper pool and get some temperature measurements.

Though there is a good coating of powdery snow all over (the trees look marvelous), I was surprised that the springs are running pretty warm . . . in fact, the Lobster Spring (at least the upper one) has reverted back to being the hotter spring where Bear has been warmer the last few weeks. That means that most of the groundwater from the rains and snowmelt is out of the system.

The snow, as long as it stays snow and doesn’t melt, has little effect. George and Marilyn were up there as well as two couples and it was a toasty, relaxing soak.

I didn’t have time to daddle and soak so I took some measurements and headed back down. The results are posted to the right and I hope to update this as often as I can. You can help by sending your observations in to banged_up_shins@yahoo.com.

Now is a good time to soak, especially if the weather holds like it did today.