Goldmyer Hot Springs Cabin
Feb 1st, 2008
Photo by the Caretakers
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From a message posted by BAS in the Goldmyer MSN Group:

Our group of 4 made it to the springs over the Feb. 2-3 weekend but not without an extreme test of endurance. We were able to drive a custom lift, 4-wheel drive jeep into the snow zone and within 13 miles of the cabin before having to pull over. We then skied the remainder of the distance through very deep snow. It took 7.5 hours to ski to the river crossing and 6 hours to get back to the car. This trip was epic and more a test of physical endurance than one of “soaking in the springs”. The 4 of us were all experienced skiers with extensive wilderness-backcountry travel experience and in extremely good condition. We each carried enough gear, food and first aid for a multi-day winter trip into the wilderness. Unless you can ski 12 miles with 60+ lbs. of gear on your back, I do not recommend attempting a trip to the springs at this time. There is also enough new (large) windfall across both the lower and upper roads to make driving impossible. To drive there, plan on several days of cutting and clearing just to get to the locked gate.