From: Beth
Unfortunately, Goldmyer is still closed. The snow has settled down to about 4 feet deep at Goldmyer now, which allowed the cartetakers to evaluate the fallen tree root area on the hillside above the hotsprings. What they discovered isn’t good. When the tree went over it loosened a lot of dirt and rock, which is poised above the hotsprings. Obviously this material will have to be removed before we can open Goldmyer again.
Despite the warming temperatures in the lower elevations around the Seattle area, it’s still very much winter time in the mountains and at Goldmyer with deep snow conditions. Additionally, there is still about 1-1/2 to 2 feet of snow in the ‘lower valley snow zone’, which stops all vehicles about 15 miles below Goldmyer. This distance makes it impossible to send a work crew up to secure the hillside area. Our only option is to wait until conditions improve.