We got our first (and probably temporary) dump of snow this last Saturday while I was up there doing some trail hunting. Five to six inches at the entrance to the trail, it was pretty rough going even in four-wheel drive. I would suggest everyone who has legitimate business up there and driving to think twice before driving in this stuff. There were anxious moments as Mike got his snow legs in gear and took it easy going up. Was just as bad sliding back down with that edge so close.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take the camera up to the Springs, themselves. Would have made some pretty pics. Dale got some and I hope he posts. Lots of visitors, though, braving the elements; and I notice that a lot of them really were not dressed for the weather. Please be careful. Conditions can change in a blink of the eye from uncomfortable to whiteout-blizzard conditions. Might have to wait till next spring to find the body!

At a minimum . . . thermals, water-repellent outers, good water-proof boots (not sneakers like I saw on several), hat, gloves and emergency poncho. Stay away from cotton . . . gets wet and you’re history. In 1995, a visitor to the springs got lost on the trail up and almost froze to death before search and rescue parties found him days later. He got lost on an obvious trail with friends hiking behind and in front of him. Be careful . . .

Rick (aka banged_up_shins@yahoo.com)