There are many volunteers freely-giving their time and efforts to helping revitalize Scenic Hot Springs. I, myself, have become involved in extensive walking of the property and doing trail and features surveying. Yet that is not my primary area of expertise nor do I have good surveying instruments to do an accurate job. What would be nice is if anyone with surveying experience and/or equipment would volunteer their time to join me in correctly plotting these trails and features.

The job offers no renumeration. But the rewards are the pleasures of hiking the beautiful Scenic property and helping to bring the eventual fruition of the Springs re-emergence that much closer. That, and you get to soak in the one remaining pool as an invited guest instead of a trespasser. You may contact me directly at or by ‘commenting’ this post.

If you have other experience (soils-engineer, geothermal engineer, etc.) that would be beneficial to Scenic, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Rick (aka