Improving Sustainability and Access to This Hidden Gem


Scenic Hot Springs is planning restoration work in May and June 2024. This includes three open-air pools, all of which have been approved as grandfathered by the King County DDES. Each of the three pools must be located in the area of its historic use and be of a size approved by DDES. Additionally, restoration pools are required to be constructed entirely of natural and indigenous materials (rocks and stones).

What's New

The pool to be restored to Scenic has been designated by the King County Public Health Department as a Natural Hot Spring “bathing beach” under the applicable provisions of the Washington State Water Recreation Facility Act, Washington Administrative Code (WAC) Chapters 246-260.

This will allow the future development of Scenic Hot Springs to maintain the rustic atmosphere and ‘wilderness’ bathing style. In Addition, public health standards will be rigorously adhered to apply through regular maintenance work.

Scenic aims to “bathe in nature”, so if you visit Scenic, you will surely have a special experience.

Our Top Priorities

At Scenic Hot Springs, we deeply appreciate your donations as they directly contribute to the preservation and enhancement of our natural hot springs. Your generous support allows us to maintain the pristine condition of the pools, protect the surrounding landscapes, and ensure a memorable experience for all visitors. By making a donation, you are investing in the ongoing care and sustainability of this remarkable natural treasure.

Cancellation Notice

Re-scheduling of reservations requires 72 hours notice, not 24 hours. Please include 1 week notice for exclusive use.

To gain access

In the event you decide to reschedule your reservation, we require a minimum of 24 hours advance notice prior the date of your scheduled visit. Contributions are non-refundable.