Well, it ain’t the chain-up area where you’re limited to 15 minutes but you will definitely attract the attention of the State Patrol or the Sheriff’s department; both of whom patrol this section of highway pretty often. Don’t know if you can legally park on the shoulder of SR2 . . . perhaps someone can clue me in . . . but it’s pretty obvious where the occupants of this truck went . . . the hot springs.

That kind of publicity we don’t need. The deputy will drive by, note the car and say ‘aha . . . someone is sneaking in to the springs and they’re posted’. The deputy does have a key to the gate (we gave him one) so he can simply drive in looking for you. Or just wait.

On a related note, all the signs at the gate have been torn down. Childish behavior. There are still more warning signs posted further up and newcomers waste a hike when they have to wait till they get to the trailhead to really understand they are trespassing. Those who tear the signs down to maintain a plausible deniability . . . well, we’ll catch you sooner or later and make sure you are never welcome at the springs in the future. Of course, you are not welcome now. You’re childish pranks are completely at odds with respecting the springs and the owner’s rights to the property they are on.