Our clean up party on the 15th of October shouls have told Steve Pool of KOMO News Weather that he has no idea of what the weather will be. What a perfect day for climbing around in the mountains and getting a labor of love done.

Twenty-five people showed up and I met them with donuts while Robert brewed coffee at the gate. We then proceeded up to the BPA Easement clearcut area to park securely. Two thirds continued on up in 4-wheel drives vehicles under Mike, the owner; while I took the remainder and hiked up the BPA road for erosion control.

We had three basic agendas that day. Mike’s was to clear and burn brush to widen the existing trail back to its’ original state. His crew went on ahead to get started up near the springs. My crew was to walk the BPA road and lower trail checking culverts and drainage ditches for clogging and effective flow to prevent a repeat of last years serious road erosion with the spring runoff (much of which was caused because of spilling water from clogged culverts.)

The third major project was to strategically place water bars across the trail in locations I had identified during previous surveys. This project was a followup to the success of the five waterbars we had installed last year, and which protected the lower section of the trail where they were. This time we wanted to protect the upper section of the trail. This project took the muscles and strength of all volunteers to move multi-ton logs into place across the cleared trail to direct runoff into the original watercourses instead of sculpting deep channels in the trail.

We started close to 9:30am and continued almost to 4pm . . . a lot of hours, but we got a lot of work completed. Then it was soak time for sore muscles. The tub was full of people and there was The Naked Gourmet there a’cooking away in the tub . . . tempting the Goddesses with his culinary creations. Just like old times.

I have to say that everyone was enthusiastic . . . and there were a lot of new people helping out. Mike thanks each and every one of you.