Looks like we will have a good turn-out for this clean up event so Matt and myself are going to pack in the grill and feed ya.  Burgers, chicken burgers, veggie burgers, salad (any other ideas?).  If you haven’t signed up for this event, time a’wasting.  Remember, only those who have RSVP’d will be allowed on the property . . . no late-joiners looking for a free soak.

Want to camp overnight, help us set up the event . . . get in a great soak under the stars or simply learn how to make smores?  One or both of us will be at Scenic the Friday night before.  Let us know via email to:  scenichotsprings@gmail.com


  • Reline the pools
  • Make the trail between pools and the old latrine safer
  • Haul unusable debris from the area above the springs to a staging area lower on the trail
  • Prep trail for the coming winter and spring runoff
  • Clear powerline culverts where necessary
  • A picnic table?


  • Shovels, adzes
  • Work Gloves (I have some but I’m running out)
  • Something to share on the grill or snacking-wise

When and Where:

October 6th, 2012 (a Saturday).  We meet at the gate at 10am to be escorted to park in the clearcut.

Those who want to come up the night before make arrangements with us to get in.