This coming Saturday we will be getting together on site to do some clean up of the area.  In mind:
  • Removal of debris from the upper area to lower down on the trail
We will also be looking at providing a few small amenities for visitors . . . depending on the skill-levels of participants and the materials we can use on-site.  Some ideas that have been floated:
  • A bench or sitting area near the pools, possibly a picnic table
  • Better method of hanging and protecting personal stuff while soaking
  • Putting together an Information/Welcome sign-board at the base of the trail and perhaps an attractive rockery/flower bed around that sign
These ideas require some skills with a hammer and saw and we would appreciate all we can get in that regard.  There is plenty of lumber on-site that we can use.
Dependent on the conditions of the pool liners and the time we have available, we may also do a relining of the pools . . . which is a time-intensive and expensive job.
If you feel like helping out, getting credit toward an annual pass to Scenic, and just want to enjoy a soak afterward amongst great people, RSVP to letting us know that you’re coming and willing to help.  We plan on opening the gate at 9am so that volunteers can park a little closer.  As always, if the weather cooperates, Scenic clean up events are clothing-optional.  Work on your tan lines.