While we still await decisions from the county in regards to slopes and stream restoration permits we have erosion control measures that need to be addressed prior to the coming Fall and Winter wet seasons. So, for all of you who wanted to participate in a clean up event, this is your opportunity as there are few that can be scheduled while we still in permit-limbo.

This clean up party is to deal with some of the erosion problems in the BPA clearcut area and involves a fun time working together with others who love these springs. Two main goals: 1) Make sure the culverts on the upper road are clear and that drainage will be unimpeded, and, 2) Do some diversion work on the slopes below the upper BPA road.

The slopes are steep so I do ask all participants to wear appropriate clothing (especially sturdy boots). Bring your favorite pair of work gloves and if you have trenching tools like picks or mattocks and narrow blade shovels, bring them along.

We will meet at the gate at 9am and then proceed on up to the clear cut area where there will be parking for most vehicles. 4x4s may proceed further up with our tools and equipment. After the day’s labor . . . well, it’s soak time and food.

Please RSPV directly back to me if you intend to participate. Let’s also try to arrange carpooling to limit the number of vehicles.