There has been a lot of activity in dealing with the State and County departments during the winter and spring months. Among the things we’ve accomplished are a tentative understanding with the Health Department, an onsite evaluation for ‘critical slopes’ and ‘wetland area’ that went smoothly and a legal securing of the historic water rights to the hot springs. The concept for a re-born Scenic Hot Springs is getting closer and closer . . . thanks to the efforts of many wonderful people who have gone out of their way to prove beyond a doubt that Scenic Hot Springs has historical precedent.

Now that the snows are finally melting and the weather cooperating, it is time to turn our attention to one thorn in the county’s side . . . namely all that construction material that was carried up to the spring site during the 90’s and which sits there like an eyesore. To clear up the Oct 2001 Code Enforcement Action that resulted in Scenic being closed 4 1/2 years ago, removal of the construction debris is high on the county’s list. We plan on making a major dent in it this month.

A clean up party is scheduled for the 27th of May (a Saturday) at 9:30AM. The plan is to meet at the gate and proceed on up from there. A limited number of vehicles will proceed further on up (depending on the condition of the road).

Tentative plans are to sort the material and burn the unusable (if a burn permit can be secured), save the good pieces for future construction (shower, latrine, stairs, etc.), and remove most everything else down to the lower area where a truck can pick up for disposal.

Afterwards, we will enjoy a soak and if lucky, a meal from Robert (The Naked Gourmet).

Keep the weather in mind. I plan to wear as little as possible.

  • Wear study boots (sneakers are not appropriate),
  • Have a good pair of work gloves
  • Bring appropriate clothing for the weather, practice layering
  • Bring plenty of water, especially if it is hot. There is no water available on site
  • Leave a change of clothes in your car or vehicle in case you get soaked
  • Snacks, what ever you like, but high carb is good; think about planning for a picnic lunch as I do; and think about something to share
  • Bring a towel for after the soak . . . no good hiking down the mountain wet!
  • A few band aids in your pocket. I will have a full-size first aid kit in my pack.

If I receive a good response, how about setting up group objectives like . . .

  1. A pool cleaning group to really refurbish the tub in advance for our long-awaited soak and sore muscles
  2. A BBQ team . . . hot dogs anyone? I have an easily toted portable grill . . . ideas? Let’s not forget the marshmallows again this year . . . a bonfire just begs for marshmallows.
  3. The main grunt team (most of us) for the physically-able to move that material and sort through it
I think that covers it . . . the work, the food and the soak. I’m open to others . . .

Since the parking area before the gate can only accommodate about 6-7 cars, and the status of the road is unknown for 2-wd higher up, we will probably need to park the majority down near the railway tracks and ferry people up. Let me know of you capabilities in that regard.

I’ll pass on other information as it becomes needed . . . just a heads up. Those that can make it, RSVP me. If you don’t want to receive these notifications in the future, also please let me know.

Thanks in advance and see you at the gate on the 27th.