Put Saturday, June 15th, 2013 on your calendars to join us at Scenic Hot Springs to spruce them up and make up for a long winter and even longer wet spring season.

We will make the springs available to participants starting Friday afternoon for a chance to camp on the property and enjoy some rare night-time soaking.  The following day we will try to accomplish several needed projects:

  • Litter Patrol . . . from the gate at the FS road all the way up to the springs, people have tossed beer can and rubbish.  Time to remove as much as we can.
  • Downed trees . . . not too many this year and only small ones.  We get them out of the way to make the trail easier to navigate.
  • Erosion Control . . . stream crossing need to be ‘urged’ back into their channels.  Got a shovel you can bring along?

We will provide trash bags and a limited supply of work gloves.  We will also provide drinking water and plan on the BBQ being set up for us to enjoy (ideas on foods, potlucking, etc.?)

This is an RSVP event.  You will be required to sign a release and be responsible for your safety as well as the others working alongside you.  If you have typical gardening tools (shovels, picks, etc.  They would be handy).

The weather is expected to be good so, like all other clean-up events, this is bare as you dare . . . clothing-optional.  Work on your tan, make new friends, and get a work out interspersed with plenty of time enjoying a soak in the springs.

For those who want to camp Friday night, a nice campfire and smores are definitely on the agenda.   Get you names in to join in on this event because those not invited will be rudely turned away.

BTW, Lobster Pot sources are definitely recovering and will soon be up to their normal, hot temperatures.  Bare Den is running toasty at 100F in the pool and 110F at the inlet.  All in all, good soaking times coming up.