Update: The bear and her cub have been spotted several times and are indeed denning in the area of the lower tower. Today’s sighting (7-15-2005) was in the middle of the day and both mom and cub were noted by a visiting couple. I have posted a warning sign at the gate. Rick

There is a female black bear and her cub (I saw one, there may have been another) that might be denning in the new foliage of the BPA clearcut area around the base of the first lower tower . . . the one you must pass close by as you enter the BPA Loop Road.

Since the foliage is very dense and lush right now, I’m unsure exactly where mama and her cub went but that foliage hems in pretty tight along the second by-pass trail on up to the upper BPA Road. I suspect a den because I watched the area for a good half hour and noted ma and cub stayed around the lower tower area until darkness forced me to give up. Mother and young en’ had come up from much lower down as dusk was falling.

BTW, it was a nervous hike down the bypass trail with all that foliage pressing in and me not knowing exactly where that bear was . . . I figured I passed within 50 feet of them on the way down. So be careful up there . . . make lots of noise if you have to be on the trail near dawn or dusk.