Thank you for giving me and my wife permission to visit the hot spring! We’ve always enjoyed soaking in hot springs before but that was in Asia. After
going to your hot spring, all of our wonderful memories came back and the
best part was that we didn’t have to fly overseas!

This was our first snowshoe hike this season, and we are also kind of out
of shape, so the steep hike was quite challenging. As I told you that I
drove by the trail head the day before on my way to Leavenworth, we
also stopped on the way up to Stevens Pass, looked across the mountain to
see the trail under the power line, and it made us worried, but we were
glad that we did not give up. After a good night rest at Leavenworth, we
headed to the trail, parked at the lot next to the railroad, and started
the hike at around 11:45am; by the time we got to the gate, we knew
it wouldn’t be easy and we got to take a break when we arrived at the first
power line tower at around 12:20pm. Looking uphill at the three arms tower,
it just made us want to look for excuses to turn around, but we just kept
going and got to the tower at the top at around 1:10pm; another break was
needed before we entered the tree covered trail. The last part of the trail
was a killer, especially the part before the switchback! The only thing
kept us going was that we knew we were almost there. I don’t even know what
time we got to the pools since we just couldn’t wait to get in, probably around
2pm I think, so a little over 2 hours for the hike. The first pool was
warm, but it felt cool after a while, so we just mostly stayed in the
second hotter pool. No one else was there, so we had the whole place by
ourselves. It was very relaxing and definitely worth everything to come
here. We have our small picnic and soaked until around 3pm. We wanted to
stay longer, but it started to snow, so we left around 3:45pm after we
cleaned up and packed. Heading back was easy, we were so refreshed and it
took us about 45mins to get back to the parking lot. It was getting dark,
but no need to use my flash light yet.

This was a great experience and I am very impressed with all the work you
put into this place. I just wished that it is closer to Portland so that I
can enjoy this more often. Just can’t wait to do this again some other
time! Some friends already asked us about this and I hope you don’t mind
that I pointed them to your blogspot page. 

Thanks again and happy holiday!

Glad you persevered.  The soak at the end of a winter hike up to Scenic is well-worth it . . . as you well know.