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This site used to be great until all of this legal crap. Maybe the owner should just sell back to the gov and let them try to regulate.

This really should be open to the public and left to be natural without wood boxing, fake rocks and all this effort to caretake.

I guess the anonymous commenter just cannot read. Seems it’s always the anonymous ones that don’t seem to have a clue. Shame.

This land has not been government property since the mid-1800s when it was granted to Mr. Werheyser and Mr Hill for right-a-way for the Great Northern Railway. The present owner did not buy it from the government but from the former owner. If that hadn’t happened the likely scenario would have been the former owner bowing to pressure from the county to pump hydraulic concrete into the springs and capping them off forever . . . just to get away from the legal enforcement hassles that users created.

The present owner (the one responsible for the property taxes, by the way) was presented with that bureaucratic suggestion when he applied for permits to clean up the site. Here were his choices:

  • Bow to county pressure and cap the hot springs sources, taking a huge loss in the amount of money he paid for the 40 acres. However, he could have recouped that devaluation by logging the 40 acres, as is his right, or;
  • Go completely private and not allow anyone to use his property. Build a cabin and enjoy the hot springs himself, or;
  • Pursuit the bureaucracy and permit process at great expense and time in order to reopen these hot springs to the public.

He chose the more difficult process and you have the gall to tell him to give YOU the hot springs? Got a lot of balls, boy.

As far as giving it back to the government . . . LOL, I already know what the feds will do . . . dynamite the springs as a public nuisance . . . which they are because of people with attitudes like you. The government doesn’t want these springs and the headaches they will cause them. Be thankful that someone is trying their damn best to give you an opportunity to eventually enjoy Scenic in the future. Be thankful that pool Nazi’s like yourself will not be permitted to tell others how to use and enjoy their property.