A trend happens sometimes during particularly popular days where a request ends up holding back other requests while we attempt to confirm the first request.  We always attempt to hold a pending reservation for as long as possible but sometimes . . . often . . . these uncommitted requests end up blocking later requests from people who are ready to ‘commit’.  Two days advance notice on a couple is fine . . . but a group of 6,7,8,9 etc filling all potential spots but not committing, is ruining it for everyone else.

Therefore, to deter ‘sitting’ on potential reservations to the last moment (and possibly dropping the request), the following policy applies: 

“Confirmation lead-time is dependent on the number of visitors requesting access. We will backtrack that number of 
days for a deadline to either confirm or release a reservation so that others may visit 
(i.e., 4 visitors on request; that request needs to be confirmed NLT four days before the planned visit).”