We’ve noticed an increase in last minute requests to visit Scenic without obviously going through the steps that we ask of visitors . . . primarily that you do read the Conditions of Access PRIOR TO ASKING.  Most of these requests are simply “I want to go up there this afternoon.  Give me a call,” type requests.  We are seldom going to approve these requests if you don’t make the effort to at least read the “rules” before asking.
In a like vein, some of these requests are an attempt to make it seem as if they have permission . . . “I did ask, after all”, never mind that we didn’t approve.    We put people making tentative requests on the calendar so that everyone can see how that date is stacking up.  Those in the asking stages yet not approved have “planning” appended to their name.  They have not yet finished the steps required for access.  They do not yet have permission to visit Scenic Hot Springs.
Perhaps they are hoping that no one will notice but we are serious about flippant trespassing.  Last week we had three trespassers meet with local authorities after they were escorted out of Scenic.  Don’t let yourself be part of the problem.  If you do not have an email from us stating that you have complied with the Conditions of Access and have permission to be on the property, then you are trespassing.
The Conditions of Access are located here.  Read them first before calling or emailing us for permission.