Ron at the Hot Springs Association made such a good and valuable comment that I felt it deserved to be prominently displayed as a main article . . . so here it is:


Well said Rick!

The secret to using closed hot springs – Never ask to soak when you know the public is not invited to do the same.

-Never expect to soak and leave without asking.

-Volunteer repeatedly for all cleanups, work parties, meetings, and do some of the real hard work (like writing, and planning, and building relationships with the Forest Service).

-No owner, nor steward of a closed hot spring, who has a real understanding of health codes, state laws, federal laws, county laws, and city laws will EVER say that you can soak. Not if they are smart.

However, if you are smart, work hard and often, and never ask about soaking in a closed springs, maybe, just maybe, you’ll find yourself on solo work detail, or guard duty one weekend. And at 4am, when no one is there, you can ease into that pool of blissfully warm water, stare at the stars and realize, that if you work harder, and keep your mouth shut about your presently illegal soak, it might all just happen again.

The point is, if you cannot contribute to a hot springs future, and you cannot forgo a soak today so that all can soak years from now, the springs can and will be lost to all, and forever, at least in any real sense. (Think Ohanapecosh, or one of many others)

Think for the long-term.



Ron at hotspringsassociation dot org

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Ohanapencosh, Baker destroyed and a serious look into its’ future by the Forest Service, Olympic under threat by the Parks Service, Lester, Green River, Wind River, Austin . . . etc., etc. Do you see a pattern folks? Get involved! Rick